SIGN ON: The U.S. Senate must investigate Clarence Thomas and require strong ethics for the Supreme Court.

Clarence Thomas and Harlan CrowThe latest bombshell revelation that Clarence Thomas accepted undisclosed luxury yacht trips, private jet travel, and resort vacations FOR YEARS from a billionaire Republican magadonor has made concerns about corruption and ethical lapses at the Supreme Court even larger.

The American people's confidence in our democracy itself was already shaken by this Court’s political rulings that consistently go against the will of the people -- such as striking down Roe, gutting voting rights protections, overturning common-sense state and local gun regulations, and attacking federal efforts to combat climate change.


This Supreme Court is increasingly facing a legitimacy crisis, which is made larger by Clarence Thomas's new ethics scandal. The U.S. Senate must launch an investigation into Thomas and take steps to pass legislation requiring strong ethics for our Supreme Court.

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