Demand Justice

At Demand Justice, we fight for progressive change because we believe the rights described in our Constitution are only made real through the power of citizen activism.

Our courts should be the place that we can trust to safeguard our rights and promote justice. But in Donald Trump’s America, our justice system is being corrupted to serve corporate interests and impose a far-right, social agenda on our everyday lives.

Demand Justice empowers citizens to organize around our nation’s courts and prevent them from devolving into just another tool of economic and social oppression. We wage fact-based campaigns to defend our right to bodily autonomy and to stop our courts from pursuing an agenda that further enriches the wealthy and corporations at the expense of everyday Americans. We resist those who distort our laws to try to legitimize discrimination against women, communities of color and LGBTQ Americans. And we work to elevate more women and people of color to the federal bench because we believe judges should reflect the diversity of the society they serve.

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