Sign our Petition in Support of Good Governance Legislation in Virginia

In anticipation of a second Democracy Day that will take place in Richmond on January 23, 2024, please sign the following petition which will be delivered to your State Senator and Delegate. This day of action is being organized by a coalition of non-partisan democracy reform partners who believe that all of our voices matter and should be heard by our legislators. Join us in raising our collective voices to call for a more representative government. How? Sign the petition and share it with your family, friends, and colleagues. Also sign up and join us on Democracy Day.

                    PETITION FOR ACTION

The people of Virginia are concerned that our current laws do not provide for a full and fair expression of democracy in the Commonwealth. Examples include:

  • Our weak and ineffectual campaign finance laws which allow unlimited donations by individuals, corporations, unions, and out of state PACS, resulting in our voices being drowned out by big, special interest money.
  • A campaign finance system that forces well-meaning candidates and elected officials who are not wealthy themselves to prioritize fundraising over the needs of constituents.
  • Threats to our voting rights, such as restrictions to early voting times and locations as well as the continued suppression of voting rights for felons.
  • The continued use of antiquated primary voting procedures which result in the winner not being supported by the majority of those voting.
  • The lack of any meaningful State ethics standards, such limited regulatory oversight and a lack of restrictions on the use of campaign funds for personal use.

As your constituent, I believe that government should serve all citizens equally. We encourage you to support legislation which will guarantee voting rights, promote transparency and accountability in campaign financing and ethics. We deserve to have a government which serves all citizens equally. By passing legislation that limits campaign donations, restricts personal use of donations, improves disclosure, strengthens ethics guidelines, and promotes Rank Choice Voting, ordinary citizens will feel reassured that our voices matter and that government is accountable to all Virginians.

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