Commit to Long COVID Justice

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Pandemics Are Chronic: A Statement of Commitment to Long COVID Justice

We must end practices and policies that ignore, marginalize and deprioritize chronically-ill and disabled people.

Pandemics are chronic. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, our world is significantly more disabled and chronically-ill.

As we saw with HIV/AIDS, disease outbreaks expose the need for large-scale change in healthcare, public health, and other unjust structures.

Yet even as the pandemic continues to claim lives, we are pressured to return to a “business as normal” that has never centered the needs of disabled and chronically ill people.

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We must end practices and policies that ignore, and further marginalize, disabled and chronically-ill people. Long COVID Justice asks you to join us in a pledge:

  • To include Long COVID in the narrative of the COVID-19 pandemic; we cannot tell the story of COVID without discussing Long COVID.
  • To center, platform, and resource those with Long COVID, complex chronic illnesses, and other disabilities at the forefront of policy, advocacy, and action related to these issues.
  • To work to end the marginalization of disabled and chronically-ill people, which is a constant and widespread harm, existing outside of and across all aspects of pandemics.
  • To recognize that the COVID-19 pandemic and Long COVID have disproportionately impacted already marginalized communities, including Black, Brown, Indigenous, and transgender communities.

We are experiencing a mass disabling event, and disabled people and those with Long COVID must be at the forefront of addressing this unprecedented moment.

(Read the full version of the pledge here)

>>> Commit to Long COVID justice: sign the pledge >>>

List of Initiating Endorsers (in formation; affiliation for purpose of identification)

  • Ann Northrop, Co-Host, Gay USA
  • Ann E. Wallace, PhD, Vice President, COVID-19 Longhauler Advocacy Project
  • Asia Russell, Executive Director, Health GAP
  • Autumn Brown, Host, How to Survive the End of the World
  • Bamby Salcedo, M.A., The TransLatin@ Coalition
  • Cara Page, Cultural Organizing Director of Changing Frequencies
  • Celia Alario, National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach
  • Cecilia Chung, Founder, Positively Trans
  • Cecilia Maria Gentili, Trans Equity Consulting
  • Charles Stephens, The Counter Narrative Project (CNP)
  • Chiara Francesca, Chiara Acu
  • Christine Keeves, MPH, Co-founder, Marked By COVID
  • Dazon Dixon Diallo, SISTERLOVE, INC.
  • Dean Spade
  • Emi Kane, National Network for Long COVID Justice
  • Gregg Gonsalves, Yale School of Public Health
  • Jaden Fields & Amita Swadhin, Co-Directors, Mirror Memoirs
  • JD Davids, National Network for Long COVID Justice
  • Karyn Bishof, B.S, FF/PM, Founder & President, COVID-19 Longhauler Advocacy Project
  • Kenyon Farrow, Managing Director of Advocacy & Organizing, PrEP4ALL
  • Kristin Urquiza, Co-founder, Marked By COVID
  • Laurie Jones, Interim Executive Director, #MEAction
  • Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha, Disability Justice Movement Worker, Writer, Cultural Worker
  • Lisa McCorkell, MPP, Co-Founder, Patient-Led Research Collaborative
  • louie ortiz-fonseca, gran varones
  • Lucky Tran, PhD, Managing Director, March for Science
  • Meghan O’Rourke, Author, The Invisible Kingdom
  • Moya Bailey, Associate Professor, Northwestern University
  • Naina Khanna, Co-executive Director, Positive Women’s Network USA
  • Oni Blackstock, MD, MHS, Founder and Executive Director, Health Justice
  • Scot Nakagawa, 22nd Century Initiative
  • Stephen Kahn, MD, President, Abundance Foundation and Harvard Medical School Global Health Advisory Council
  • Steven W Thrasher, PhD, Northwestern University, Medill School of Journalism/Institute of Sexual and Gender Minority Health, and Wellbeing
  • Susan Raffo & Cara Page, Core Team Co-Leaders, Healing Histories Project
  • Tina Habib, The Action Lab
  • Uché Blackstock, MD, Advancing Health Equity
  • Vanessa Johnson, Ribbon
  • Yolo Akili Robinson, BEAM (Black Emotional and Mental Health Collective)