Sign the petition and tell Democrats: Abortion is a winning issue! Keep fighting for it!

After the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, abortion is now banned or tightly restricted in 22 states. But we can fight back and win, and help elect more and better Democrats, since abortion rights remain popular in swing states, and even in traditionally conservative ones.

In 2022, voters in Kansas, Kentucky and Montana all defeated anti-abortion bans to their state constitutions. California, Vermont and Michigan all passed ballot measures that enshrine abortion rights in their state constitutions, forever protecting that freedom from politicians.

This year in Ohio, voters rallied to defeat a measure that would make passing a constitutional amendment to protect abortion rights more difficult. Soon, Ohioans will have the opportunity to cast their votes on a constitutional amendment to enshrine abortion rights.

Next year, states including Florida and Nebraska could also see the opportunity to enshrine abortion rights.

Why? Because abortion is a winning issue and the vast majority of the country votes in favor of abortion as a Constitutional right, and a human right. Standing up for abortion access doesn’t just protect that right, it helps to elect Democrats and progressives who fight for our rights across the full range of issues.

That is why we are calling on candidates to see the writing on the wall: expand abortion access, champion platforms that support bodily autonomy, and vigorously advocate for abortion rights!

Abortion is a human right. In every state where it's possible to further enshrine our rights, we need to take action to make it possible. Future candidates must embrace and champion abortion rights–not run away from it. The people are on our side, and it's time we get it done.

Sign the petition: Fight for abortion rights!

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