Who We Are

On January 21, 2017, millions of people marched around the country and across the world to raise our collective voices in hope for a better future. Since that day, the work has continued in local communities and organizations. Now, these organizations and the marchers they represent are coming together to fulfill the potential of that historic moment and take our movement to the next level. We are resolved to unite behind a bold political agenda move our country forward. We embrace a forward-thinking, positive progressive agenda. Our work is enriched by the inclusion of activists with diverse perspectives and experiences.  We are evolving from a march to a movement with lasting, transformative political power.


MARCH ON is galvanizing the millions who marched into a political movement that will mobilize around an election-focused agenda. Women-led, but open to all, MARCH ON will employ a sophisticated political strategy to coordinate concrete actions at the federal, state, and local level through the joint efforts of millions of marchers.  We will support our network of local organizers to empower and amplify their grassroots activism, assisting our army of marchers to register voters, get out the vote, volunteer for campaign and issue-related activities, and amass a war chest to support progressive candidates and causes.

Our Actions

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