Sign the petition: Demand the U.S. Senate convict and disqualify Trump

Donald Trump has been impeached for inciting an attack against our country -- the first leader in U.S. history to be impeached twice.

Trump incited his mob to riot because he lost the election. And while white nationalists overtook the Capitol, leading to five deaths and threatening the lives of many more, Trump posted a video proclaiming to the insurrectionists that “I love you and you are all very special.”

Enough is enough. Trump is dangerous -- we must ensure he never holds office again!

The Senate will now hold an impeachment trial. This trial must have the effect of preventing him from running for president again.

We cannot allow this desperate despot to regain power in future elections. He is a threat to us, our communities, and our country. The Senate must vote to convict and disqualify Trump.

Sign and send a petition to the U.S. Senate: Convict Trump and disqualify him from holding future office.

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Consumers United for Fairness
Corporate Accountability
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Global Warming Solutions
Go for Broke for Veterans
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