Sign the petition: Replace Senator Joe Manchin as Energy Chairman

Senator Joe Manchin continues to push hard for a dirty deal that would fast track fossil fuel infrastructure and harmfully impact frontline communities and has continually blocked vital climate legislation. These decisions by Manchin would make him a richer man. It also directly contradicts one of his roles in Congress as Chair of the most important environmental committee in the U.S. Senate – where policies should be focused on the OPPOSITE of expanding fossil fuel.

Manchin owns millions of dollars in coal stocks and earns half a million dollars each year in dividends alone. It should come as a surprise to no one that Manchin has previously called the goal of eliminating fossil fuels “very, very disturbing”, and has attacked environmentalists for “unfairly” targeting the burning of coal.

As the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, Manchin is responsible for regulating the fossil fuel industry and has enormous power over hearings on key climate policy issues. Manchin calls for an “all of the above” energy strategy – a GOP talking point. He has repeatedly ignored, stalled, or shot-down attempt after attempt to transition our country away from fossil fuels to sustainable alternatives such as wind and solar.

With his refusal to support climate action in Congress and continued drive to expand fossil fuels, Senator Manchin is not only putting communities, families, seniors, and children at risk, but he’s consciously advancing global warming. It's time to hold Senator Manchin accountable.

Sign the petition to Senate Democrats: Demand Senator Manchin be replaced as Chair of the most important environmental committee in the U.S. Senate NOW.

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