Sign the petition: Say NO to a national abortion ban!

In a direct affront to reproductive rights and personal freedom, Republicans have introduced a bill to ban abortion nationwide. This effort to control and dictate personal healthcare decisions undermines the autonomy and dignity of individuals who can become pregnant. Abortion is a matter of human rights.

This move is clearly a calculated political strategy tailored to appeal to conservatives. The timing of its announcement — intentionally coinciding with the anniversary of the Dobbs case — underlines this fact. Once again, the GOP is prioritizing political interests over the rights and wellbeing of individuals.

The proposed national abortion ban would have devastating impacts, with marginalized communities bearing the brunt. The ban could force individuals to carry unwanted pregnancies, endanger their health, and limit their economic opportunities.

The majority of Americans oppose this ban, reinforcing the fact that this is not what the people want but rather a GOP political ploy.

We must stand firm against the national abortion ban and uphold reproductive rights and personal freedoms. Sign the petition: Say NO to a national abortion ban!

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