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Deb Haaland is a fiercely progressive, Green New Deal-supporting advocate for Indigenous rights, keeping fossil fuels in the ground, and banning fracking. She’s a historic choice to lead the Department of the Interior -- so of course Republicans want to derail her nomination.

Republicans are already plotting their attacks against her. They’re already using extreme rhetoric to fire up their base with Kevin Cramer of North Dakota threatening to “fight the fight” because Deb is “all-in on the Green New Deal” , and John Barrasso, top-ranking Republican on the Senate Energy & Natural Resources Committee, saying Deb’s approach “cuts the throat” of his constituents -- but the constituency Barrasso clearly cares most about is the corporate polluters who fund his campaigns.

We don’t know when President Biden will start the clock on Deb -- the politics of a vacant seat in the House complicate the timing on this nomination. But when she comes up for a vote, we want her to know that the American public stands with her.

Deb is a truly groundbreaking nomination -- the first Indigenous person to lead a department with a long and sordid history of hostility to Indigenous people. Deb is also a Dakota Access Pipeline water protector, an original Green New Deal cosponsor, and a fossil fuel fighter. As both a subcommittee chair and prior chair of the New Mexico Democratic Party, she has the executive experience needed to run the Department of the Interior. As a fierce climate hawk, she’ll work hard to keep fossil fuels in the ground.

We must unite in support of this historic nomination.

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