Sign the petition to Congress: Stop the corruption! The Supreme Court must be made to follow basic ethics standards

Every federal judge in this country–except the nine justices of the Supreme Court–are bound by a code of ethics that prevents blatant conflicts of interest.

The Senate Judiciary Committee conducted a hearing to investigate corruption in the Supreme Court. Here’s why, and it’s actually quite shocking, and deeply disappointing:

The American people's confidence was already shaken by this Court’s political rulings that consistently go against the will of the people–striking down Roe, gutting voting rights protections, overturning common-sense state and local gun regulations, and attacking federal efforts to combat climate change. And public trust in the Supreme Court is at an all-time low.

Corrupt actions by sitting justices only serve to further erode the court’s integrity and the public’s trust in that court. Supreme Court Justices must be held to account for flouting the ethical rules that apply to every other judge in the country.

We must restore transparency and accountability in the U.S. Supreme Court. We are calling on Congress to ensure that by passing the Supreme Court Ethics Act.

Sign the petition to Congress: Pass the Supreme Court Ethics Act

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