Sign the petition to Congress: Support the Polluters Pay Climate Fund Act

Fossil fuel corporations like ExxonMobil have known for decades that their pollution was causing catastrophic climate impacts. They not only failed to share their science, they took deliberate action to mislead the public.

When you make a mess, you’ve got to clean it up -- especially if global safety and security depend upon it!

Democrats in Congress have announced a new proposal to finally force Big Oil to clean up their mess: A climate fund to help pay for clean energy and climate action financed by charging the worst offenders for their past pollution.

Democratic U.S. Sens. Chris Van Hollen, Bernie Sanders, Ed Markey, Sheldon Whitehouse, Elizabeth Warren, and Jeff Merkley announced the Polluters Pay Climate Fund Act. U.S. Rep. Jamaal Bowman will sponsor the House companion legislation.

Their plan would raise an estimated $500 billion by collecting fees from corporations for their past pollution and establish a Polluters Pay Climate Fund that directs the money towards the advancement of clean energy infrastructure, climate projects, and more.

Only 25 to 30 of the largest fossil fuel companies, those who have caused the highest emissions, would pay the fee. An oil company like ExxonMobil would likely pay around $5 billion a year under the plan, a minuscule contribution considering the profits they’ve raked in at the expense of our air, water, land, and health. And if fossil fuel giants try to pass along the costs to working people, their smaller competitors are positioned to undercut their prices.

The IPCC’s latest bombshell report is a “Code Red for Humanity.” Fossil fuel companies have poisoned our climate in the name of profit. They must be held accountable for the damage they’ve caused us, and that begins with a climate fund.

It’s time to make these big polluters pay for the damage they’ve done. The Polluters Pay Climate Fund would be a move in the right direction, which is why groups across the country have endorsed the plan and are pushing Democrats to include it as part of their budget reconciliation package.

Sign the petition: Polluters must pay to help clean up the mess they caused. Support the Polluters Pay Climate Fund Act.

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