Sign the petition to Senate Democrats: Abolish blue slips

The U.S. Senate has continued to follow an outdated custom that was weaponized by segregationist politicians opposed to the Supreme Court’s Brown v. Board of Education ruling: blue slips.

Under this practice, both U.S. senators in a state with a judicial vacancy must return a piece of paper (a literal blue slip) giving their approval of a nominee before the nomination can move forward.

While not as widely known as the filibuster, the blue slip process still stands in the way of progress and has been weaponized by Republicans, particularly to keep Black and brown nominees and civil rights lawyers from the federal bench in the states where they are needed most. We cannot let these Republican senators continue to stymie President Biden’s commitment to filling our courts with judges dedicated to equal justice for all.

The U.S. Senate made outstanding progress on confirming President Biden’s judicial nominees during the first two years of his administration. However, Republicans in key states where district courts are now the battleground for countless civil and human rights cases have blocked our progress.

Blue slips aren’t actually a requirement of Senate judicial business. Senate Democrats can abolish blue slips and stop a GOP minority from vetoing President Biden’s judicial nominees.

Sign the petition to Senate Democratic leadership: Do away with blue slips and confirm all of Biden’s judicial nominees who are committed to civil and human rights, and to equality and justice for all.

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