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Change Finance is an action-oriented civil society network dedicated to transforming the finance system so that it serves people and the planet.

The network brings together people and organisations to:

  • build a consistent and compelling story about why finance needs to change in order to deal with the big social, economic and environmental challenges we’re facing today.
  • frame a consolidated vision on how to transform the financial system, by presenting policy ideas and alternatives.
  • identify opportunities to collectively mobilise, campaign and take action together to have an impact.
  • support each other in complementary work: via skills sharing, endorsements and events.

We believe that:

  • The role of the financial system needs to change so that it serves all people and the planet, instead of being their master.
  • The rules, culture and behaviour within the financial sector need to change. It needs to be regulated and incentivised to be stable and serve the public interest, instead of being self-serving and short-termist.
  • The financial sector needs to have its power over governments reined in. Financial lobbying and political influence must be curtailed so that policymakers can protect the public interest through robust rule-making.

Millions of ordinary people and progressive organisations have an opportunity to work together to democratically drive the change that our society deserves. If we don't change finance, we risk dangerous growth in inequality, climate breakdown, political unrest and more financial crises.

If this is a compelling clarion call for you, please put your weight behind it.

Become part of Change Finance and contribute to a paradigm shift!

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