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About us: The Boston DSA Ecosocialism Working Group aims to promote a socialist analysis amongst environmentalists and an ecological analysis amongst socialists. We recognize and challenge the capitalist origins of our modern environmental crisis, and work to build solidarity among community members and key allies.

In 2022, our utility debt relief campaign, Take Back the Grid, voted to reorganize as the Massachusetts Eco-Socialist Working Group, and members from across the state are highly encouraged to join our work!

Internal Structure: The Eco-Socialism Working Group organizes itself into three teams to achieve our goals; Comms and Events, Internal Organizing, and Political Education and Research. Some examples of what each team focuses on....

Comms/Events: run our twitter account, publish events, send out meeting reminders, etc.; Internal Organizing: Mobilize members to attend actions and events, welcome new members to the working group, plug members into compatible roles and tasks; Political Education and Research: Present Political Education webinars, publish blog posts to our website, research and support actions from coalition partners, review and demystify legislation, etc.