Sign up to help East Palestine and Organize for Public Ownership of the Rails

When Norfolk Southern train 32N derailed in East Palestine, Ohio, on February 3rd, nearly half of its cars were carrying toxic chemicals. Thousands of East Palestine residents evacuated, and upon return were told not to drink the water. There are reports of fish, chickens, pigs, and even household pets dying due to the chemical exposure. Rail workers have been telling us for decades that railroad carriers, including Norfolk Southern, are slashing safety operations and forcing crew to work long hours with no paid sick leave and little time off in the name of "operational efficiency. As long as the profit motive remains in place, companies will neuter any regulations through regulatory capture. Private ownership needs no stake in a de facto public good that carries 30% of domestic cargo in ton-miles. Therefore, DSA is proud to join Railroad Workers United (RWU) and United Electrical, Radio & Machine Workers of America (UE) in their demand for Congress to immediately pass legislation placing railroads under public ownership.

The derailment and explosion happened right in the middle of a working-class small town, and DSA members live in the affected area. Since the time of the derailment, the community has experienced numerous health impacts, stress, lost wages and bills from evaluation, and other hardships that they know will continue for a long time to come. They are afraid to drink the water, their children cannot play sports in the fields due to fear of the soil. How can you help?

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