Sign up to Host an Event for Earth Day Live!

On April 22-24, the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, millions of people around the world are going online for a three-day mobilization to stop the climate emergency.

The coronavirus has laid bare the brutality and injustice of our current system. Now, while social distancing, we are reimagining what a social movement can look like in the digital age, finding new and creative ways to get our message heard.

That's why we’re asking local organizers across the US to join us in putting together live stream events to provide community and purpose to people during this difficult and uncertain time.

Please use this form to sign up to host a virtual or live streamed action during Earth Week.

Here's an overview of the focus of each day to help you decide when you'd like to host your event:

  • Day 1 April 22nd “Strike” - youth led virtual deep strike day! A chance to hear from and support Indigenous leaders and frontline activists across the United States who are fighting for climate action, confronting the fossil fuel industry, and building the solutions needed to address the crisis.
  • Day 2 April 23rd “Divest,” - a day led by the Stop the Money Pipeline Coalition, focused on ending the financing of fossil fuels and building a new economic system that works for people and the planet. During these 24-hours organizers will support thousands of people to switch out of dirty banks, cut up credit cards that help fund fossil fuels, and apply direct pressure on the institutions funding the climate crisis.
  • Day 3 April 24th “Vote,” - we need policies that address this existential threat. It’s critical for all of us to show up at the polls this year and vote for our future. So the final day will focus on the importance of voting through a nationwide youth voter registration day.

Thank you for hosting an event in your local area for Earthday Live 2020. We are so grateful for your leadership in an ever changing global crisis.

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