January Week of Action to Demand: #CancelStudentDebt

On Tuesday, January 18, we're taking to the streets of  Washington D.C. to call for full student loan debt cancellation and a pathway to tuition free college. We'll also have local events around the country in cities big and small, alongside online events and actions.

The urgency is clear: Biden says the "final" moratorium on student loan payments ends in January. But, our communities are suffering, and President Biden has the authority and capacity to fix it by picking up a pen and issuing an Executive Order to cancel all student loan debt. It's a simple, effective way for him to add billions back into our economy, create jobs, narrow the racial wealth gap, and help everyone in our country, and it'd fulfill a campaign promise that so far he's broken.

Despite our efforts, calls from Congress for him to cancel debt, and a growing number of city resolutions demanding the same—he has made no move to address this economic, racial, and gender injustice. Debtors and our allies are taking action to say: Pick up the Pen. Cancel student debt for all 45 million Americans.

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