Slow March For Climate

When: Saturday 9 December, 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Where: Treasury Gardens to Flinders Street Station, Melbourne CBD (Naarm)

The march will be the last main action as part of the December Rebellion so we want to make it a big event. Starting in Treasury Gardens, the route for the march will be down Bourke Street, then Russell Street and along Flinders Street, ending at Flinders Street station. We will be joined by Blinky the giant Koala, the Red Rebels, the Sybils and Miss BeeHave. So bring your placards and your best chanting voices and join us.

The march will conclude with a show of Mass Civil Disobedience for Climate, where we will boldly assert our right to protest by sitting down in the road. We're aiming to get 300 people sitting down with us - to find out more about how to join this part of the action and to sign up, click this link.

Note: a previously advertised sleep-out for climate action in celebration of the week has been cancelled. Organisers felt that in the current atmosphere of sorrow, grief and rage over the invasion of Gaza, it would be inappropriate to host a celebration. Instead we’d like to open space for participants to attend the Vigil for Palestine at Parliament House on Saturday night.

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