Spring Rebellion '22

Spring Rebellion '22 (October 9-22 ) will be a festival of disobedience, bringing together individuals and communities to take colourful, diverse and, at times, disruptive action for our future. It will be a rolling series of actions taking place around the state, encompassing artistic installations, community events and disruptive non-violent direct action. Our focus will be on stopping the logging of our precious native forests and preventing disastrous new gas projects. On weekends, and possibly some weekdays, we will have a family-friendly presence in the Carlton Gardens, reaching out to the public to join our movement.  

Please fill out this form and let us know where your interests lie, how you can help and what we can help you with. Filling out this form will automatically add you to the communication channels that will keep you updated, and we'll soon be in touch to link you in with our preparations.

Extinction Rebellion is a people-powered movement, and the Spring Rebellion will only work as well as the people who help build it. There are so many ways to be involved, and much work to be done.

Join the Spring Rebellion '22!