Stand Up for Labor, Stand Up to ALEC

When American workers organize, they change our country for the better.

The men and women who make up labor unions have fought for fair schedules, family-friendly work environments, job training, higher wages, and so much more. These hard-fought union victories have subsequently elevated the welfare of all working people. Unions offer representation against powerful corporate interests. ALEC would see that representation taken away.

In 2017, ALEC model bills have appeared in statehouses across the country pushing anti-labor policies. In Florida, ALEC legislators have introduced a bill to prohibit the establishment of a living wage. In Georgia, ALEC members sponsored a bill to preempt local ordinances requiring fair scheduling of workers. Kentucky's statehouse saw a bill that would prevent workers from making claims on injuries. Unsurprisingly, it bore the calling card of ALEC.

ALEC has launched a crusade against American workers and the unions that represent them. ALEC wants to see labor weakened and isolated. ALEC know that when Americans organize, we are powerful. This Labor Day, lets remember the power of organization. Pledge to protect the rights of workers. Pledge to stand up for labor and Stand Up to ALEC.

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