Stayin' Alive Disco-bedience Pledge

STAYING ALIVE disco-bedience road block

Summerhouse Lawns, Botanic Gardens – Adelaide CBD, SA | Wednesday 24th March, 4pm

Break out your flares, sequins, and dance moves! This March, join XR SA for an evening of civil discobedience. As disruptive actions occur across the country for the National Week of Rebellion, we’ll be dancing for our lives!

In the lead up to the big day there is lots of planning to do and rehearsing of our dance moves. Completing this form will help us prepare for taking coordinated action together. Decision-making and communication flow is greatly assisted when we have people taking clear roles on the day.

Whatever you are able to do to help will be greatly appreciated. You will receive the support, training and resources you need to undertake the role(s) you select.

Want to learn the dance in the lead up to the big day? Come to our upcoming classes.

You are also invited to attend the pre-launch party on Sat 20th March starting 5pm. Details here.