FFF Planned or suggested global calendar event, FFF action of the week

Your great ideas needed!

You have come to the form to recommend or suggest an idea for an exciting creative action to share with many other parts of the globe, or to report a coming planned global event, whether real or digital. Here you can describe a coming action-of-the-week, a campaign, or event that you think your local group is doing that fellow climate activists would like to do as well. Your suggestions go into our online FFF calendar of events. Examples of a new, brainstormed event include: holding a Shoestrike; holding an 11th Hour For Climate Strike (as suggested by three amazing sisters in England); or a Bicycle Strike (as suggested by a group in Bangladesh). Examples of reporting a planned global event include: holding a regional event such as strike for climate in Latin America, or a Zoom event, like a talk in India on dealing with climate deniers, which is of interest to many. It could also include an idea or action that might inspire further action. Fill in the applicable information on the right side of this screen. Please do NOT post or register here a very specific local event, such as a one-time Shoestrike in the town of town La Habra on day x unless it is for an action-of-the-week. We simply cannot post the hundreds of single events occurring only once. Instead, please post that event in your local FFF group under events and at the FFF global map link.

Thank you for all you can do to inspire the world to bring about immediate change to save us all.