Tell Your Ohio Senator: Amend HB 680 to make voting improvements

We are calling for simple and safe voting this November, and HB 680 takes us in the wrong direction.

Just yesterday, the Ohio Controlling Board denied Secretary of State Frank LaRose's very reasonable request to prepay postage on absentee ballots. To make matters worse, the Ohio Senate immediately scheduled a hearing to ban pre-paid postage on absentee applications and ballots for all future elections. The Senate committee hearing HB 680 could vote it out tomorrow.

As public health concerns persist, the Ohio General Assembly must make improvements to absentee voting, so no Ohioan has to choose between protecting their health and casting their ballot.

Contact your state Senator and tell them to Amend HB 680 with the following voting improvements:

  • Prepaid postage on absentee applications and ballots,

  • Online absentee ballot requests, and

  • Multiple secure and convenient dropboxes to return absentee ballots

Here's How.

Step 1: Find your Ohio Senator at this link.  

Step 2: Call and ask them to amend House Bill 680 or vote no.

Step 3: Log your call by clicking on the link.

Here’s an idea of what to say: Hi, this is [NAME], a constituent, calling from [TOWN]. I urge you to amend House Bill 680 to include providing prepaid postage on ballot applications and ballots, and allowing online absentee ballot request and multiple secure dropboxes per county. These provisions will encourage vote-by-mail and make voting safe and simple for Ohioans this November.

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