The Anti-Eviction Network

Are you or somebody you know facing eviction?

If you are a tenant who is being threatened with or facing eviction, fill out this form and a member from the Anti-Eviction Network will get in touch with you shortly!

The Anti-Eviction Network is a multi-racial, multi-generational network of poor and working-class tenants from all places, uniting to keep our homes during this pandemic, by any means necessary.

In March, we were told to stay home to prevent the spread of the virus. But for many of us, secure housing was not a given even before COVID. Now, for months we have struggled to pay rent, at no fault of our own, while the government fails to provide us with any meaningful protection. In the middle of a global pandemic people like us are still being forced from our homes every single day. And that ain’t right.

It is up to us to protect one another by taking direct action to stop evictions in our communities.