Volunteer Form 2020


Volunteer & stand for the rights and dignity of unemployed, underemployed, and unwaged workers.

As a volunteer with the AUWU, you will be part of a diverse, dynamic, and passionate movement dedicated to advocating and fighting for the rights of unemployed, underemployed, and unwaged workers'. Without our team of dedicated volunteers, the AUWU would be unable to provide vital support to tens of thousands of Australians each year dealing with the Australian Social Security System, the privatised employment services system, and businesses that profit off structural inequality.

Anyone can volunteer with the AUWU - whether employed or unemployed.

Sign up today and an AUWU representative will be in contact soon and get you in touch with your local branch and get you involved.
(Picture: Members of the AUWU ACT/Canberra Branch)

Formed in 2014, the AUWU is national, volunteer organisation dedicated to protecting the rights and dignity of unemployed and underemployed workers, pensioners, and all recipients of Social Security payments. The union organises to fight for their interests, defend their rights, and stand in solidarity with its members.