Watch: Citizen Artist Salon—Create Your Own Super PAC (Participatory Act of Culture)


How can artists, activists, and allies disrupt narratives of hate during this election cycle? How can we foster dialogue and connection, activate civic agency, and encourage full democratic participation? Join this Citizen Artist Salon to learn all about the USDAC Super PAC and how you can step up to create a Super Public Act of Compassion or Super Participatory Act of Culture. We’ll be joined by special guests whose projects are featured in the USDAC Super PAC Toolkit, offering inspiration and nuts-and-bolts guidance for creating participatory public projects


  • Karina Puente is multi-disciplinary artist based in Philadelphia, PA. Her Super PAC project, HISTORY IN THE MAKING: PAPEL PICADO NOW, uses a traditional Mexican artform, cut paper, to create powerful messages that can be made by children or adults and displayed anywhere.

  • Sara Taliaferro is an illustrator and organizer based in Lawrence, KS. Her Super PAC project, THE BUFFALO COMMONS (UN)VOTING FAIR, is a playful participatory event including multiple activities representing different aspects of the democratic process, imagined and experienced in new, inclusive ways: artmaking, speaking, yard signs, caucusing, and more.

  • John Sankofa is a health and social justice writer and communications innovator based in Baltimore, MD. His Super PAC project, DEMOCRACY UNCUT: A HEARABLE DIALOGUE ON RACE AND POLICING, uses on-the-street video interviews to invite people who disagree to express themselves and hear each other, promoting solutions-driven public conversation.

Moderated by Arlene Goldbard, USDAC Chief Policy Wonk.

**USDAC Citizen Artist Salons are online, video-based gatherings and learning calls that deepen dialogue on specific themes and allow promising projects, ideas, and possibilities to circulate throughout the USDAC network. Each Citizen Artist Salon features guest presenters, open space for group conversation. and highlights opportunities for action and connection across the USDAC Network.