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We Power DC is a grassroots campaign fighting for public power in the District. We need public power to ensure we have a clean, affordable, and equitable energy system for every DC resident.  We are currently pushing DC Councilmembers to introduce public power legislation as the first step towards municipalizing Pepco and creating a publicly-owned electric utility.

During the pandemic, We Power DC organizers fought for a more humane energy system in DC that puts people over profit by advocating for a ban on utility shutoffs, the forgiveness of all utility debt, and the rejection of Pepco’s electricity rate increase on customers’ bills.

Strengthened by these efforts, our campaign is focused on our ultimate goal: the creation of a publicly-owned utility that delivers clean, affordable energy to all DC residents. This public power utility will replace Pepco, and restructure our energy system to benefit the people of DC by:

  • Lowering utility bills: Corporate utilities are guaranteed to profit, regardless of the quality of service they provide. In contrast, publicly-owned utilities only serve the community, and your bills stay lower. The profits a publicly owned utility does make go towards reinvestment in local infrastructure, like funding for our schools and libraries.  

  • Sparking DC’s transition to 100% renewable energy: When we own our utility as a community, we can guarantee a just transition to clean energy that creates jobs and brings investment and resilience into our communities.

  • Promoting community control: We can control our energy system by kicking the investor-owned Pepco out of DC! Public utilities answer to us – DC residents who depend on reliable, affordable energy.

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Questions? Email us at wepowerdc@gmail.com, visit our webpage or follow us on Twitter!