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Extinction Rebellion York is one part of the international movement called Extinction Rebellion that uses non-violent civil disobedience in an attempt to halt mass extinction and minimise the risk of social collapse. We must act now, but when we do we must do so in an organised manner...

Extinction Rebellion York is set up in Working Groups. These are circles of people who have "mandates" to do certain jobs. The mandates are laid out below:

  • Actions and Logistics
  • Arts and Music
  • Communities: To build links and sometimes collaborate with trade unions, faith groups, schools, colleges and universities, local businesses, the council and other interest groups
    To run street stalls to explain, communicate and challenge and receive feedback To support and encourage solidarity with school strikes To raise awareness about COP 26 and organise for mass protest actions in November alongside other groups To raise awareness of climate justice and a just transition and liaise with groups already working towards this
  • Finance
  • Media and Messaging
  • Regenerative Culture and Well-being: to foster cultures and practices of support, sustainability, conflict resilience, consent and accessibility across all XR York spaces
    - design processes which interrupt oppressive behaviour and support positive change in the group
  • Research