Blood Money Campaign

Blood Money Campaign Banner, image shows a red blood stain with a dollar sign in the middle. Cut off the junta's access to international business.

Blood Money Campaign is a collective of Myanmar activists campaigning to stop revenues reaching the Myanmar military junta.

Blood Money Campaign is an alliance of local & international strike committees, CSOs, CBOs and Unions, led by youths.

It is comprised of diverse grassroots youth activists with different backgrounds such as labor and student unions, civic engagement, peace and education, health, LGBTIQ, and people with disabilities as well as people in research, IT and design.

The campaign aims to pressure companies that keep doing business with the military junta – be it directly or indirectly.

The BMC initiators decided to put the focus, especially on the oil and gas industry. They call for targeted sanctions of the Myanmar Oil and Gas Enterprise (MOGE), which would impact corporations like TotalEnergies, Chevron, Petronas, PTTEP, and POSCO.
With any business done the military and its repressive regime benefits – through taxes, fees, or direct cooperation.

Currently various external actors – mostly other grassroots labour unions as well as people born in Myanmar and living in exile – are involved. Among them is the International Confederation of Labour (ICL) as well as unions connected with the Global May Day network. The campaign can be seen as a continuation of the Call for International CDM Solidarity published in April.

Freeze flow of money to the military junta!
Cut off the junta’s access to international business!
Stop funding crimes against humanity!

Stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Myanmar!

International companies continue to profit
The military coup was immediately condemned by the United Nations as well as North American, European, and other countries (except China, Russia, and Myanmar's neighbours). Many international companies like Adidas, H&M, Volkswagen, DHL, and others that either manufacture there, have suppliers there or otherwise have business relationships with companies in Myanmar (including those with direct or indirect links to the military) issued statements against the Junta immediately after the coup. However, in recent months and weeks, they have returned or resumed business in Myanmar.

Whether or not these companies publicly condemn the junta, they profit from the military's suppression of workers' protests and actions, and the taxes and fees paid by these companies provide valuable revenue for the junta.

What you can do

- Show your solidarity and support on social media with the hashtags #BloodMoneyMyanmar #StopPayingToJunta #FreezeDollarToJunta

- Plan direct actions in front of their offices, branches, and headquarters of companies active in Myanmar (e.g. Primark or Adidas stores, offices of Volkswagen, or branches of DHL Deutsche Post Group). You will find a complete list and more material for a protest here: In line with the campaign theme of blood money, you can use visual elements like bloody dolls or hands soaked in red color to create a “shock effect”.

- Send a letter of protest to the corporations that continue to do business with the military.

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