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Close the Camps Detroit Coalition demands that brown and black people immigrating to and living in this country be treated with dignity, receive full legal rights, and be free from fear of detention and deportation because of ethnicity.

We fight for immigrant rights through a variety of measures, including cooperating with Michigan’s Statewide Immigration Rights Committee, meeting with legislators and their staff, attending immigration hearings, engaging in rapid response, educating the general public about the daily immigration crisis, and undertaking direct action.

We demand that:

  • The immigration detention facilities at the border and throughout the United States be closed,
  • Families be reunited outside of detention camps,
  • Undocumented individuals have access to driver’s licenses and state ID cards,          
  • Immigration courts provide legal aid to indigent clients,
  • Current legislation regulating detention practices (including access to adequate food, water, medical care, hygiene products, and appropriate means of communication with reasonable time limits) be enforced,
  • Funds allocated to the Department of Homeland Security, Customs and Border Patrol, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and all private contractors be accounted for, and
  • Fiscal mismanagement be investigated and criminal charges brought as is determined appropriate.

You can help every day!

  • Speak out against bigotry, do not tolerate racist behavior or language
  • Stop buying from companies profiting from this crisis
  • Ask your faith leaders to make a public statement denouncing the mistreatment of immigrants and refugees and promoting dignity and respect for all
  • Show up for vulnerable families by accompanying them to DHS check-ins, attending immigration hearings, and participating in rapid response
  • Learn common languages of undocumented people such as Spanish, Arabic, and K’iche
  • Hold legislators accountable for overseeing detention centers by calling, writing, and visiting their offices
  • Demand your local police discontinue cooperation with ICE
  • Volunteer your time, donate money, or offer legal and translation services

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Emily DuThinh, Liberty Ann, and Shine Caramia

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