Firebird Community Arts

Chicago, IL

Firebird Community Arts is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization in Chicago, Illinois with a passion to better our community through exposure to art education. Our mission is to empower and connect people through the healing practice of glassblowing and ceramics.

We serve those who have been impacted by structural or individual trauma, including violently-injured youth, veterans, formerly-incarcerated individuals, undocumented and immigrant populations and Chicago Public School students on the South and West sides. We help people heal primarily by teaching glassblowing and ceramics - media that are typically expensive and difficult to access, but by their very nature elicit healing and build community. We provide a safe space, linkages to relevant wrap-around services, and professional and educational pathways for under-represented communities in the arts.

The best way that you can support this effort RIGHT NOW, is to become a Firestarter. Firebird Firestarters give small monthly contributions through a credit card or checking account. This is the best way to give because it gives us the sustained public support that we NEED to fulfill our mission. Our relationship with the public is vital to our existence, and requires commitment.

Its really easy and fast to get involved today!

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