GloCha - Youth Empowerment for Climate Action

We - GloCha (standing for Global Challenegs Action Network) - are a movement and a multistakeholder partnership - of young and old global citizens, public and private organizations on local, subnational, national and international level. We see the pathway towards a better world in empowering youth to take meaningful and rewarding action on climate change, sustainable development, gender equality and peace in line with goals and programs of the United Nations.

Our flagship initiatives are

  1. the #GiveYouthAChance Call for Resources for Youth Climate Action
  2. the Global Challenges Youth Music Contest #GYMC
  3. the Agenda 2030 Action Network Marketplace #Blockchain4ClimateAction

We aim to convince the resource holders of the world to invest in a globally coordinated institutional and technological infrastructure for youth empowerment so that young people can play an active role in the local and global community towards solving the big challenges of our time, like e.g. climate change.

And music will guide our way :-)

Please take action with us and

- sign our #CallforResourcesPetition

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