Great Plains Action Society

Iowa City, IA
The Great Plains Action Society organizers stand in a prairie field with stormy clouds. It says, above them, 100% Indigenous Led * Building BIPOC solidarity unique to Iowa * Protecting People and the Land Grassroots * Respected in our communities

Great Plains Action Society addresses the trauma Indigenous Peoples and our Earth have faced and works to prevent further colonial-capitalist violence through education, direct action, cultural revival, mutual aid, and political change.

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Our mission is at the center of our work and informs all that we do. Our focus is in Iowa and Eastern Nebraska, but we work nationally, even globally speaking, and working in coalitions. We do this work through a variety of methods such as utilizing culture & tradition, mutual aid efforts, education on issues, non-violent direct actions, and increasing political engagement and we define our work into three initiatives:

1) Our Protect the Sacred initiative is focused on stopping violence to Indigenous Peoples by educating and organizing around the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Relatives Crisis and supporting Indigenous families with missing or murdered relatives throughout Iowa, Nebraska, and the Great Plains.

2) The mission of our Frontline Land Defense Initiative is to safeguard the land, air, and water to protect sacred Indigenous spaces and practices that rely on intact environments and a stable climate for future generations. Our goal is to usher in an Indigenous-led regenerative economy that uses traditional ecological knowledge to build strong food systems, clean landscapes, and healthy communities.

3) The mission of our Representation Initiative is to end erasure, whitewashing, and stereotypes of Indigenous Peoples by increasing political representation, getting out the vote, changing problematic holidays, and addressing racist mascots.

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