Indivisible Colorado

Denver, CO

Who we are: We are a group of grassroots progressive leaders from across Colorado who are working together to coordinate and amplify each other's efforts.

What are we doing: We believe connecting Colorado's grassroots and progressive organizations will make us stronger together. As we get closer to the 2018 elections, we believe organization is imperative to achieve our goals.

Our goals:

1. Increase effective communication and coordination between progressive grassroots organizations.

2. Share best practices and provide training for organizing grassroots groups to Resist, Protect and Elect.

3. Reach out to the more than 250,000 people who have marched across Colorado since November 2016 and bring their energy and ideas into our organizations

We are planning a Summit of all Colorado Progressive Grassroots organizations in October 2017 including Indivisible, Women's March, Swing Left

Our Actions

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