Mainers for Accountable Leadership

Mainers for Accountable Leadership is a group of Mainers who value equality, justice, honesty, acceptance, and diversity. As Mainers, we believe that our U.S. Senators and our U.S. Congressional Representatives need to prioritize the voices of Mainers above politics and party allegiance. We will use the power of our collective voices to pressure our elected officials to support our values and to stand in opposition to those in Washington working to take away rights and protections for vulnerable communities, relegate our planet to irreparable harm, and consolidate more wealth for themselves and the ultrarich. We ask and expect that our leaders in Washington will be:

  • Principled: supporting, speaking out on, and acting to legislate in ways consistent with Maine values, including but not limited to equality and justice for all; diversity and the welcoming of all comers to Maine and to the country; civil rights for all and freedom of speech; the core institutions and processes of our democracy; the protection of Maine’s environment on which our state economy depends; affordable health care for all, fair wages, and affordable education; the reduction of inequality between the wealthy and the rest of the people of Maine.
  • Transparent: announcing in advance what they stand for, what they will support, and how they intend to vote; publicizing their schedule and calendars so Maine voters know who they meet with and consult; providing data on the campaign contributions they have received.
  • Accessible: holding regular meetings and town halls with constituents, and not just donors and interest groups; providing enough staff, phone answering, and internet capacity to respond quickly, and personally, to constituents trying to reach them both for services and to express constituent views; staffing state offices adequately with qualified staff who can respond to constituent concerns, regardless of party; inviting the public to their events.
  • Leaders: rising up, speaking up, and showing up as challenges to Maine values and our democracy occur; not waiting to see which way the wind blows before taking a principled stand, consistent with Maine values; putting the people of Maine and the country before party.

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