Map Count Recording Manual

Fridays For Future Map Count Recording Manual

The main page for this workgroup is

In this recording manual:
- Registering (Recording for the first time)
- Recording
    - Using twiff the twitter bot
    - Via Gamechanger
    - The fast way, available when you bookmarked the gamechanger page
    - Via the map
    - Via the lists
    - Further help
- Recording for someone else
- Pin meanings
- Amplifying
- Contact us
- Known Issues
- Instructions for map count volunteers

We ask you to re-register your weekly strike every 6 months, this way the map stays fresh and up-to-date.

The #FFFMapsolidarity project

To participate in the #FFFMapSolidarity project—whose aim is to build Solidarity in the climate movement between local activist groups by amplifying and connecting their voices on social media (sharing, recording, registering, appreciating, —please read this PDF that describes the project, how to join, how to participate:

Registering (Recording for the first time)

If your action has never been registered before, register your strike here. It could take a few days before it shows up as registrations are processed manually. You are done, thank you for registering. Remember to check the map after a few days to see that your pin has been added. If it’s a weekly action don’t forget to record regularly.
You can remove your registration anytime you like using the same form, using the "Remove me" option in the "Registration Consent" question. The remove me option is there for GDPR purposes and will fully remove you from the system, including historical actions, for all other options we recommend joining the Map-Count Slack channel, how to do this is described in the contact us section.

Recording via gamechanger

1. Go to the gamechanger page , and search for your town using the "Location Search" box in the top right, press "Search" when you've entered your town name.

2. Some cities have multiple locations, if so you’ll end up on a page looking like below, then choose your location. If not, you can continue with item 2.

3. Press Report on Event

4. Set the date, how many people were there (participants), the organisation that did the action and a URL to that action, like a tweet or a facebook post.

5. Press “Submit Report”

6. Check your record shows in the list.

Now you’re back at the page for your location, I recommend making a bookmark of the Gamechanger page if you’re a regular recorder. Then next time you can do Recording The fast way

REcordING the fast way

If you've bookmarked your location you can now record in just a few steps

1. Press Report on Event

2. Set the date, how many people were there (participants), the organisation that did the action and a URL to that action, like a tweet or a facebook post.

3. Press “Submit Report”


1. Go to

2. Open “Tools” in the top left corner by pressing the arrows

3. Select your country

4. Find your town and click the pin

5. Click “Report results!” in the popup

6. Continue the steps in “Recording Via Gamechanger


1. Go to

2. You might be able to select your country or region in the dropdown menu at the top, this will make the list shorter.

3. Find your town in the list and press “Report results”

4. Continue the steps in “Recording Via Gamechanger


If you need any further assistance recording on the map please contact us, or join a recording support group on a social media. We can be found on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Check the "Contact us" section for contact details.


Recording for someone else is basically the same way as recording for yourself. There are a few minor exceptions.

You start from the top of “Via the map” or “Via the lists”, to find that person's recording page in the Gamechanger. Things start to change in step 2 of “Via Gamechanger”. In step 2 check the latest record, and that it’s another date than the day you want to record for, If the date is not yet there you can add the record. In the next step, if you don't know the organisation, set the organisation to “FFFMapCount”, this is a tool on how much self recording is being done, and how much is recorded by map support.

If you are a map support volunteer recording:

After you're done go back to the map, by clicking the globe icon, copy the link of the map you end up on. This link is the direct link to that location, providing the person with an easy starting point. Let the person know their work is recorded and include the link you just copied. Also include a link to this webpage (

Pin meanings
Pin Meaning
Blue: Weekly Fridays for Future and Youth for Climate actions
Dark red: Actions more than one week apart, e.g. monthly, yearly or once off.
Grey: Historic actions, actions taken at least 6 days ago.
Yellow: Actions by 11th hour for climate or the Sunrise movement.
Green: Digital or online actions, or Earth strikes.
Pink: Actions by a local or workgroup, e.g. FFF MapCount.
Black: Actions by other organisations. e.g. XR, Ecocide, WCDU, RR, Ende Gelende, SOSAmazonia, DefendtheDefenders.
Dark blue: Parents For Future, Family For Future, Psychologists For Future, Queers For Future, Grandparents For Future, All For Future.
Red: Shoestrike for future.
Orange: Teachers For Future, Scientists For Future, Researchers For Future, Developers For Future, Breaks For Future.
Dark orange: Walk for future.
Dark blue with letters +50: Stockholm +50

Amplifying is a great way to help other activists from around the globe. A simple share or retweet can help a lot. This page provides a great starting point


Below a list of accounts and volunteers through which you can reach us, want to be a volunteer on the list? Contact or @TomsTweeters on Twitter

To join support chats please contact someone from that social media platform. Map support groups may be split into country groups depending on maximum chat size for a social media platform.

You can also join the Slack channel for counting support, recording issues with the map and count website or to help progress the map and count work. To join the Slack channel please sign the Vision (Code of Conduct) and GDPR (Declaration of Understanding) forms. After the form is signed someone will contact you with the Slack channel details in max. 2 days, if this doesn't happen please contact



Support groups:
- General chat for map support
- Map reporting Uganda


Support groups:
- General chat for map support


Support groups:
- General chat for map support
- Map reporting Sweden

Known issues

A location may not show up in This is due to a registration issue in the system. If you have recorded a strike for your location and you can't find it in this list please let us know by contacting us.


Are you not a volunteer yet and would you like to become one, check the "Contact us" section. Sign the Vision and GDPR forms, and contact us via e-mail or social media.

When using the override sheets to change information for existing strikes please keep in mind that a date format must always be in year(4 digits)/month(2 digits)/day(2 digits), example: 2021/12/31. When copying dates the drag and fill function will increment the date, when a copy of the same date is desired use copy and paste.


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