New Hampshire Safe Water Alliance

Rye, NH

NH Safe Water Alliance has accomplished much since its January 2017 inception. To date, the Alliance has used only personal funds of its founders and volunteers and has: 1) Created a core group of committed citizens and officials, meeting regularly to develop strategies; 2) Registered NHSWA’s name with the NH Secretary of State; 3) Developed and sponsored 4 pieces of groundbreaking legislation for water safety and chronic disease monitoring based on environmental exposure; 4) Advocated for baseline PFC testing of nearly 80 private wells; 5) Raised private funds for follow-up PFC testing of 3 contaminated private wells; 6) Raised private funds for surface water testing near the Superfund site; 7) Advocated for and received an EPA surface water contamination standard; 8) Developed GIS maps and a database of PFC private well water testing results; 9) Inventoried state and federal health and water quality data reports; 10) Created NHSWA collateral materials; 11) Made numerous presentations to community groups; 12) Presented questions and findings to state and federal regulators at multiple meetings; 13) Developed relationships with local media to create public awareness; 14) Developed a tutorial kit for citizens’ legislative action; 15) Provided research, testimony, advocacy and support for state legislation; and, 16) Participated in the Governor’s Pediatric Cancer Cluster Task Force

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