Our Climate Voices

Our Climate Voices' mission is to contribute to a shift in the climate change dialogue that puts the voices of those most impacted at the forefront of the conversation. When the collective impact of climate change disproportionately affects low-income people, women, and people of color, it is illogical, and immoral, that only a select few have the platform to speak about environmental injustice. This is our world and our earth. New voices bring both fresh perspectives and innovative solutions to climate change conversations.

We connect you with grassroots climate change solutions.

With a problem as extensive as climate change, many of us do not know the best way to support. Community-based climate action has a large collective impact, but it can challenging to figure out how to support local, community-based work. We are changing that.

Our Climate Voices augments climate stories to spark climate action. We:

1) Humanize the climate disaster through storytelling. Personal climate stories are often left out of mainstream climate dialogue, but climate change is affecting our communities and our spaces now and it is necessary that we talk about it.

2) Center the voices of those most impacted. Countless people are being impacted by climate change today, but their voices are rarely heard. The perspective of those most impacted are must be represented in climate problem solving.

3) Connect you with grassroots solutions to make a difference today. Together, we can support local solutions and have a large collective impact. We listen to fresh perspectives from grassroots leaders and support their work.

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