Pennsylvania Action on Climate

Welcome to Pennsylvania's Action on Climate Group!

The health and well-being of Pennsylvania is at stake. We’re tired of living in an ecologically devastated hell-scape fueled by blatant corruption.

Pennsylvanians have both a constitutional and inalienable human right to a clean environment, but many of our legislators neglect the constitution and lack moral clarity due to bribes from fossil fuel companies. Our legislators’ idolatrous and adulterous relationship with corrupt special interest money is killing the land, air, and water that our lives depend on.

Pennsylvania Action on Climate is committed to forcing the encounter with corrupt politicians, lobbyists, and their billionaire backers who fuel ecological devastation in Pennsylvania. We conduct nonviolent direct action trainings, and we carry out nonviolent direct actions to demand an end to the bribery that is driving our collective ecocide and polluting us into extinction.

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