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Be a PAL, help ReBuildUSAtoday!

At ReBuildUSAtoday-HPAV, we believe in the re-construction spirit championed by General Ulysses Grant - as voiced and as written in his memoir of 1885.

And as our main candidate for President, United States 2020 - Abbey S. Laurel-Smith said, “Put me in CHARGE! And watch me ReBuildUSAtoday!” Meaning, with technology alone, we hope to improve on infrastructures nationwide, boost innovation and supply chain for the middle income families, and set in motion a chain reaction that will prepare low income families and all Americans for the demands of the millennium.

Aim to re-structure, re-model and re-focus the combined USMilitary by making it the world’s first ever green military and world’s first ever environmentally friendly force. Generally, we will create a totally new army, rebuild the air force, the navy, the marines, the merchant fleet, and armed them all with bio-degradable weapons.

All in all, re-purpose the Congress and how it relates to the general welfare of “we the people” at state, local and at federal level. Our focus is on those people - the type of poor Americans, we’ve always ignore and pretend does not exist.

As much as we are friends to women voters, students and the new generation, we are also committed to the future of education, future of work and the nature of the work space of the future in America.

  • if we have to overhaul student loan, we’ll do it and correct a system that puts our young and brightest in debt. We’ll also highlight special credits for certain key studies.
  • if we see it as imperative to make federal job and internship more available to a wider section of there public, we’ll do it.
  • if our law enforcement officers, especially the United Parks Police are deemed to be a force that needs better benefit package and better equipments and improved training, we’ll make it all available to them by drafting a new resolution to address this and other needs.
  • if abortion law becomes a quagmire and women's choice and reproductive rights are about to be trampled, then we at ReBuildUSAtoday see it fit and correct to be pro-choice and pro-life at the same time by keeping to a twenty weeks fetus rule and professional guide.
To our farmers and the farming communities all over America, capturing new markets, improving land use, product quality and providing farmers with land regenerating seeds and techniques are uppermost to us at ReBuildUSAtoday. Destiny, destination, we’ll never lead you to hell, and neither will we tax or tariff to levy you and your market to hell.

We are a friend of coal, and on our watch, the coal states, the gulf coast states, California, the western states, will all be re-energized, re-invigorated and communities brought back to live and made prosper.

We will not ignore you like other Presidents and other administrations have done for the past twenty five years.

Healthcare and single-payer healthcare insurance system we believe is a right, should be for everyone to have, but not a privilege, and certainly not something you have to join the military for.

That is why we believe our sustainable plan - as an alternative to green new deal, will survive and thrive, if we bring back marginal tax and allow a sensible minimum wage pay that will mot harm job creators, innovators and drivers of the economy.

We believe trade alone could be used to enhance the future of our economy, the future of our defense as well as our foreign policy.”

Abbey S. Laurel-Smith “SmithieGoesWest” if you’re ready, come go with me...”

Simply put, we are more than the new face in American politics, we are a third party option.

1- We are committed to infrastructure update by reviving the economy of the coal states, the fortunes of the American farmer and contaminated farmlands by introducing a land regenerating seed into the Americans can farming community.

2- We are committed to a comprehensive sustainable plan for the climate and the economy as the most guaranteed way to repurpose the military, refocus the Congress, re-energize the fortune of the rust belt states and economically depressed communities all over America.

3 - We are committed to humanely secure our southwestern borders in a way that will not affect our long standing cultural exchange with Mexico, trade, defense and cultural exchange with our central American neighbors.

4 - We believe in technology, the future of tommorow's workplace for the benefit of all, the collective bargain right of the American worker and the fate of debt riddled millennials we see as imperative to tackle - as the future and the fate of our country depend on them now that baby boomers are almost gone.

Once again, we believe in the re- construction era spirit, championed by General Ulysses Grant, and as written in his memoir of 1885.


As a friend of COAL

To: Friends of COAL in the U.S., and in the UK

Dear Reader,

I am happy to announce that I have found a set of new use(s) for COAL - outside energy consumption, and outside anything known we’ve ever use coal for. And now I am in the process of securing six new patents for healthier ways ways to mine COAL from source, plus environmental friendly and productive ways to use either processed COAL or pressed COAL - with recycling possibilities, as composite materials, with the U.S. patent office.

My name is Abbey Laurel-Smith. I consider myself a friend of coal, a strong supporter of labor and a fervent believer of investing in a workforce for tomorrow's needs.

Ten years ago, I started experimenting with coal in my studio, and by applying my knowledge of material and methodology to coal, I’m happy to say, I got good results from COAL and it’s inherent quality.

My self sponsored efforts paid off. And as of today, my goal is to go nationwide inform the coal states and the rest of the world about these new possibilities of COAL as:

  • a multifaceted raw material that could be used for manufacturing things by multiple array of industries outside energy.
  • a primary material that could be used for building EMP proof structures for our cities, suburbs and local communities.

I therefore need your help to get air time for this new findings about COAL and I am counting on your kind support to help spread this important message about COAL.

Why COAL and why work on this self funded venture?

  • First, I am a fervent supporter of local businesses and innovation - big or small. COAL, I’ve come to regard as a national treasure that has served us since the American revolutionary wars. And as a natural resource, it is the backbone of what we are today. Abandoning it now or relinquish support for those families who have sacrificed so much to mine our coal pits without recourse and without option against the difficulty of how to face up to the challenges of technology and the demands of this millennium scares the shit out of me.
  • Second, I care about workers rights. I care about union protection and a healthcare that the individual can afford. This is why i took it upon myself to find a way to solve the coal crisis that has besieged the coal mining communities in the U.S. and in the UK.

And with what I have now, I look forward to seeing families in the rust belt states of the United States and the neglected coal regions of the UK do more than prosper for the next four generations.

This is why I need your help to get air time for my new findings about COAL and one more reason I am counting on your kind support to help spread this important message about COAL to others engaged in this industry.

  • Third, I am running for president, the United States, 2020 as “SmithieGoesWest” because I plan to enact a “National Coal Restoration Act” or a “National Coal Resolution” through Congress. Enacting this type of COAL act will allow me to create multitudes of new coal related jobs in all the 53 states, retrain miners in the coal states for their new role(s) and equip all workers mentally and physically about their place(s) in these new set of industries.
  • Fourth, I trust my findings. And as expected of the role of a president, finding out new markets - at home and abroad, for these new products, I see as imperative. My approach will be focused on worldwide demographic increase - we live in a world that is constantly growing in population and in need. Their needs will be met, provided for and overwhelmingly cared for. So, I will not only work to secure new markets, I will also protect your rights by standing up for what you care about.


Hope you’ll be kind enough to keep up your promise of support for my candidacy and this COAL focused campaign at and follow @The46thUSA @The46thPOTUS @The46th_USA @ElCuarentaYSeis

Thanks a million, and please feel free to share this great news about new use for COAL with friends, co-workers. family members and colleagues.


Abbey Laurel-Smith “SmithieGoesWest”

I am a Radical Republican and the founder of The PILGRIMS Alliance Party of America (La Alianza de Peregrinos de Los Estados Unidos - PAL), ReBuildUSAtoday-HPAC, ReBuildUKtoday, ReBuildCanada and ReBuildAustralia.

New York city, 2018.

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