Swing Left Rhode Island

Providence, RI

Swing Left Rhode Island wants YOU!

We are determined to WIN BIG in 2020, and beyond. Join us as we fight to...

  • Take back the Senate!
  • Keep the House we helped win in 2018!
  • Put and end to gerrymandering to stop this cycle of voter exclusion!
  • and, of course – take back the White House!

To do this, we host gatherings across the state in support of letter writing campaigns that inform voters of upcoming elections, ensure they are registered, and register voters by mail in important Swing State across the country. We are also planning to organize group trips to canvass in critical Swing States.


Sign up to stay posted on trips and activities, participate as much or as little as you are able by going to Swingleft.org, putting in your zip code and signing up to get info on local actions.

Interested in organizing or hosting a letter writing party, event, canvassing trip, or assisting with social media? We'd love to have your support, and can provide you with all the tools and help as much as you need. Reach out to Julie DiBari at juliedibari@gmail.com or just sign up and someone will contact you.

We will help you get involved in whatever way works for you.

Together, we can WIN BIG in 2020 and change the course of democracy!


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