SF Families Union

San Francisco, CA

We are a multiracial organization of public school families who care deeply about integration and racial equity in our city and our schools. We want our children to learn together and play together while getting excellent educations. We value high quality integrated schools for all children and are working together to create and ensure safe, welcoming and equitable schools for all children in the San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD).

In order to foster integration and dismantle systemic racism in our schools, we share information with district families and community partners, support families in advocating for equity in their own schools, look at the ways systems make it easier or harder for low-income, immigrant and Black and Brown students to access educational opportunity, and weigh in on district wide issues with an equity lens. Our goal is to ensure all our children are getting high quality educational experiences and that they’re learning and playing together.

Individual families and school communities pick the issues they will work on in their schools and the group supports each other to address these issues effectively. As a group, we pick issues that we will focus on collectively with the lenses of equity (where the need is greatest) and mutual interest (how all our children are better off when the needs of Black, Latino and new Asian immigrant families are served).

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