Society of Native Nations

San Antonio, TX
Native Nations Rise

The Society of Native Nations (SNN) is an organization founded by a small group of Native people in Texas with members in many states that are dedicated to advocating for our people and the earth by helping to protect and preserve our native culture, spirituality, teachings, medicine, and way of life. Each of our founding members has experience working with our people and other organizations that bring a unique set of values and perceptions to SNN. Exposure and witness to racism, appropriation, and exploitation of our way of life have compelled each of us to stand united against social and environmental injustice. Our teachings tell us that Creator tasked Native people to be the "keepers of the earth." We believe we are environmentally conscious through our DNA and because our lifeways and culture parallel the health of Mother Earth. Through ancestral memories, prayer, and determination, we strive to help bring a positive change to our people and Mother Earth.

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