Stop the Frack Attack Network

Stop Frack Attack Network represents a broad base of people who are impacted by fracking and members of the non-profit community- and has a fundamental belief in the multi-pronged approach that is laid out in the mission statement of the Network.

The Mission Statement- As the oil and gas industry expands into new communities more and more people are being directly and indirectly388112_462901323728772_1357464606_n affected by the oil and gas drilling boom. These impacted landowners and communities are increasingly fighting for their rights to clean air and water. This creates a unique opportunity to build a concerted national movement for justice even as we continue to campaign locally and in the states for positive change.

It is clear that the emerging movement demanding oil and gas justice needs ways to collaborate, coordinate, share resources, create tools, take action, build skills, engage new allies, and aggregate our collective grassroots power around strategic initiatives and campaigns that can protect communities from the impacts of fracking* and spur the transition to a clean, renewable energy future. Stop the Frack Attack began as three days of action, and is now evolving into a social movement hub and network for individuals and organizations nationwide to come together and work to meet these critical needs.

Since its inception, Stop the Frack Attack has been committed to leadership by grassroots leaders from impacted communities across the country. We propose to continue this approach, placing a strong emphasis on focusing the resources of the network to help better coordinate delivery of tools, information, training and support to those working on the ground.

*Because the current oil and gas booms would not be possible without hydraulic fracturing, in our view, the impacts of ”fracking” include all aspects of the oil and gas exploration and development process, including the impacts associated with ingredients such as frack sands, infrastructure such as compressor stations and transportation such as pipelines and liquid natural gas export terminals, as well as impacts that occur during exploration, drilling and hydraulic fracturing itself.

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