Yuba Indivisible

Nevada City, CA

Who we are:

Concerned, powerful, united, ready for action progressives who live in northeastern California. If this is you, welcome. If this describes people you know, freely invite them.

Our key goals:

Engage 3.5 percent of the population: We believe that by mobilizing 3,500 people in Nevada County and 25,000 people in California District 1, we can win any local election and achieve any regional political change. Why 3.5?

Knock every door: we plan to knock on every door in CA-1 before the 2018 election. We think there about 400,000 of them in CA-1. We'll begin in Nevada County, where there are around 30-some thousand.

Replace Representative LaMalfa with a kickass progressive in 2018.

Elect progressives to controlling positions in every Nevada County office that has a race in 2018.

We are organizing around these ideas:
https://www.indivisibleguide.com/ -- Former congressional staffers reveal best practices for making Congress listen. YI uses this strategic framework to influence both our California delegation and our local Nevada County officials in a progressive direction. We organize digitally, meet in person, and work the roots with vigor.

Our key values:
Inclusion: we seek to include and elevate the marginalized and often missing voices in our community

Transparency and Democracy: we model structures internally that we want to see externally. Our decisionmaking and governance is clear, fair, open and considerate of all voices.

Song and Joy: we believe singing and having fun are both instrumental for our success and longevity

Our key tactics:
One-on-one activist handholding. We aim to empower every volunteer in a personal way that helps them fully engage.

Resist the Republican agenda, everybody who collaborates with the Party and all of its policies. We will make exceptions for miracles, if somehow unexpectedly the Repubs do something worthwhile.

State of the art toolbox. We use and develop new digital activism tools and leverage best practices in modern organizing.

Play well with others. We network, collaborate and harmonize with like-minded groups to forward our mutual aims, and work to seed new groups in communities and subcultures where they are needed.

Our Actions

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