04/02/18 - Missouri Mondays - Missouri doesn't want to end up like Kansas! Tell your Senator to reject SB 617 budget bill!


Missouri doesn't want to end up like Kansas!  Tell your Senator to reject SB 617 budget bill!

The Missouri Senate is poised to pass a tax cut bill SB 617 (SS#2 SCS SBs 617, 611 667) that could cost the state $500 to $800 million in lost revenues.  This bill would eliminate the top tax rate, reducing both individual and corporate income tax rates to 5.25% with further reductions under certain revenue conditions. Middle and lower income Missourians already pay a higher percentage of their income than the wealthy. In a state that has already cut services to its most vulnerable, this would push Missouri further toward the disastrous results of the “Kansas experiment.”

Indivisible MO opposes SB 617 because:

  • We don’t want to end up like Kansas, where massive cuts to education, healthcare, and public services were made. People suffered. We don’t want the same to happen to Missourians. Missouri has already cut prescription drug benefits to thousands of low income seniors and disabled. We cannot continue to cut services to all Missourians.

  • Most of the benefits would go to the wealthiest Missourians and corporations. This tax bill would give 91% of the benefits to the top 20% of wage earners in the state as well as corporations, which have already seen cuts in the form of giveaways like tax credits and loopholes. Missouri already faces a budget shortfall of $240 million dollars. A further tax cut would force more services to be cut for more Missourians.

  • Middle and lower income Missourians already carry an unfair burden of supporting our schools and essential services. This bill will increase that burden. Higher sales and local taxes will harm hard-working citizens. We have seen in recent years college fees and tuition increase by 25% due to decreased state funding. State funding for K-12 schools is still below 2010 levels when adjusted for inflation. Families already have to make difficult decisions. This bill will intensify that burden.

Sample Call Script:

“Hi, my name is __________, I'm a constituent from ___________, and I am calling to ask Senator ________to vote NO for SB 617 because _____________.”






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