Sarah Jama should be celebrated, not condemned

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Let Ontario Premier Ford and Ontario NDP Leader Stiles know that Sarah Jama should be celebrated, not condemned for her integrity, courage and principled opposition to Israel’s violence in Palestine.

Join with Dr Gabor Maté, Roger Waters, Arcade Fire’s Richard Parry, CUPE Ontario President Fred Hahn, former NDP MP Jim Manly, former Ontario MPPs Rima Berns-McGowan, Gary Wilson and Laura Mae Lindo and several hundred others who have signed a public letter “Defend Sarah Jama. Stop the Attack on Gaza” calling for the Ontario legislature to rescind its censure of Sarah Jama and for NDP leader Marit Stiles to retract her decision to expel her from the party’s caucus.

On October 10 Ontario MPP Sarah Jama called for an end to Israeli violence in Gaza, which has now cost more than 9,200 Palestinians, including 4,000 children, their lives.

In response to her call for a ceasefire and criticism of colonialism, the scandal-plagued Ontario Conservative government and corporate media attacked Jama. In fact, the anti-Palestinian lobby was hostile to the 29-year-old of Somali descent since even before the disability activist was elected to the legislature in March.

In a near unprecedented move, on October 23 the Ontario legislature censured Jama, removing her ability to speak on behalf of her constituents. Simultaneously, Ontario NDP leader Marit Stiles expelled Jama from the party’s caucus.

The legislature must rescind its censure of Jama. Similarly, Stiles should step back from her decision.

Jama’s treatment exemplifies a history of marginalizing racialized voices. It is critical that we do not allow her to be silenced for defending Palestinian lives.

For her integrity, courage and principled opposition to Israel’s violence in Palestine, Sarah Jama should be celebrated, not condemned. published signatories to Defend Sarah Jama, stop the attack on Gaza

Press Release: Prominent musicians, labour leaders and former NDP MPPs defend Sarah Jama

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