Act Today! Tell Congress to Make Health Care and Prescription Drugs More Affordable

As soon as this week, the Senate may vote on a reconciliation bill, the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, that would significantly improve Medicare costs and coverage. Weigh in today! Tell your Senators to seize this opportunity for transformational reforms.

Medicare provides critical health coverage to more than 62 million older adults and people with disabilities. But inadequate consumer protections, high and rising drug prices, and outdated rules mean far too many beneficiaries can struggle to access and afford their care. The pandemic has exacerbated these and other challenges, underscoring the need for a swift, meaningful, and lasting relief.

As outlined, the Inflation Reduction Act would advance these goals. Urge your Senators to support a final bill that:

  • Lowers Drug Prices by allowing Medicare to negotiate for some Part D and Part B drugs, restructuring Part D to better align pricing incentives, and penalizing drug companies that raise prices faster than inflation.

  • Lowers Beneficiary Costs by capping annual Part D drug spending at $2,000, with the option to break that amount into monthly payments; extending full Low-Income Subsidy (LIS) assistance to enrollees with incomes up to 150% of poverty; and eliminating cost sharing for Part D-covered vaccines.

Together, these policies they would achieve historic coverage and affordability gains, better ensuring that all people with Medicare have meaningful access to care. Things are moving quickly! Make sure your Senators know how important these changes are. Send a letter today and make your voice heard.

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