Adopt Vision Zero in Elgin

How safe are the streets of Elgin?

Since 2010, 9 people have died on Elgin streets, while another 46 people have suffered life-altering, debilitating injuries– 55 people whose lives have either been taken or impacted forever because of an unsafe transportation system. Worst of all, we could have prevented this. We still can.

The City of Elgin must join the growing safety movement in the region and the rest of Texas. Our children, our families, and our fellow citizens all deserve access to a safe transportation system. Already, the cities of Austin, Houston, San Antonio, and Laredo have chosen to save lives by adopting Vision Zero. We must launch Vision Zero in Elgin, so that we can start making meaningful goals and smart strategies to fulfill a future free of needless traffic deaths and injuries.

We are asking the leadership of Elgin– Mayor Cannon and our Council Members– to step up and prioritize our safety by committing to end traffic deaths and serious injuries across Elgin.

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